2 Eu quero esse livro!

Meninas aqui é a Lo, e eu queria mostrar pra vcs o Livro da One Direction:

One Direction: Forever Young: Our

Official X Factor Story
One Direction: Forever Young: Our Official X Factor Story
Autor: One Direction
Editora: Harpercollins Uk

Five boys, five months, one incredible dream. It's crazy to think that five months ago we didn't know each other at all. We were just five guys from different corners of the country, who dreamed of being popstars. Now we've not only found the best friends we've ever had, but we've made it to the final of The X Factor and got a recording contract too! It's been such a wild ride that it's hard to believe it's real at all!

We've had the absolute time of our lives, from messing around in the house and playing tricks on the others, to singing our hearts out every week. In Forever Young we tell our story in our own words: from how we got to Bootcamp to how it felt to become 'the most exciting boy band in the country' in a matter of weeks. We'll tell you all about what it was really like backstage and in the house.

It's for each and every one of our fans, everyone who believed in us, because we want you to know what really happened on our journey from five normal guys to who we are now. We could never have done it without you. You helped us make our dream come true!

Packed full of personal snaps, unseen photographs shot especially for the book and backstage footage, this is the full and remarkable story of our time on The X Factor. Stunningly designed and candidly written, it is a must for all One Direction and X Factor fans.

Mais vcs devem saber um pouquinho de Ingles para ler certo? Eles estão disponiveis no site da Saraiva http://www.livrariasaraiva.com.br/produto/3461554/one-direction-forever-young-our-official-x-factor-story/ e quem querer comprar... è so comprar oras! rsrs

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Heloísa disse...

amore aceito afiliação sim, você já esta nas minhas afiliadas :)


Isadora Cristina disse...

Amore,,, aceita afiliação? se aceita responde nos comentarios do meu blog >.<

kisses :*


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